Kevin “Kiwidiver” Black

Kiwidiver Kevin Black profile picture relxing with a cup of coffee and a cave diving site.

With over 20 years working in the diving industry teaching all over the world, Kevin is a PADI Course Director, OC Instructor Trainer and CCR Instructor Trainer on a variety of rebreathers. Kevin has devoted his life to the diving industry as a professional educator. He has an infectious passion for teaching, and to passing on knowledge of safe diving practices in technical, sidemount and closed circuit rebreather diving. 

Kiwidiver Kevin Black first got into diving in the late 90’s in New Zealand. His initial dives were focused on hunter gathering, collecting crayfish and scallops. After several years he of diving he completed his PADI Open Water certification and became a qualified diver. This introduction to diving education opened a world of opportunity and possibilities to expand his knowledge of diving.

Moving to the United Kingdom in 2003 to further his career in the IT industry Kevin expanded his diving by completing his Divemaster training in London. 2003 was also Kevin’s first of many diving trips to Phuket, Thailand. At this time he also completed his BSAC Dive leader certification in the UK. And the same year started his Technical diver training in Italy. He also started his first rebreather training on both the Drager Dolphin and the Azimuth

PADI Instructor

In 2004 Kevin became a PADI Scuba Instructor in Italy and later that year also a Technical Instructor. He started teaching courses in The United Kingdom, Egypt, Italy & Malta. And he worked for several dive centers and also independently when he wasn’t diving the wrecks off the south coast of the UK. He became known as The Kiwidiver among the local dive community.

He traveled extensively looking for new dive destinations including Alexandria’s Sunken City in 2004, also continued to travel abroad on dive trips to Malaysia, Thailand, Layang Layang, the Bahamas and the Andaman Islands.

In 2008 Kevin left his corporate job to follow his passion of teaching diving full time. After a short stint managing a dive center in Egypt he moved permanently to Thailand in 2009.

Kevin now provides technical and rebreather training under the three top technical diving agencies TDI, PADI & RAID.

Kiwidiver Kevin in Phuket diving an AP Inspiration rebreather

Kiwidiver Thailand.

In 2009 Kevin returned to Phuket permanently. He set up a dive company He started importing and selling diving equipment and teaching PADI courses from recreational through to technical. The business grew rapidly becoming the leading PADI Technical and Rebreather training center in Thailand. In 2013 Kevin became a PADI Course director, A PADI Technical Instructor Trainer and rebreather Instructor Trainer. After 10 years of success in 2019 “Kiwidver Kevin” sold the dive center which at the time was a PADI 5 star Instructor Development Center. The business has now been re-branded under new management as “Kiwdiver’s” and become a successful SSI dive shop.

Instructor Trainer Kevin now works solely through Tech Dive Asia where he continues to provide award winning Technical and Rebreather training from beginner levels through to Instructor levels with multiple training agencies.

In 2018 Kevin was recognized for his role as part of the three man technical diving team involved in the week long search recovery of the bodies on the biggest marine disaster of Thailand, the sinking of the Phoenix tourist boat and the loss of 50 lives.

In 2020 Kiwidiver Kevin was again involved in the search and recovery effort of another boating tragedy when the Raja Ferry traveling from Suritani to Koh Samui flipped and sank in extremely bad weather. And in 2023 Kevin provided technical diving support in the underwater search for a missing diver on Phuket.

Kevin Black Search and recovery diver prepares to dive the Phoenix tourist boat that sank in Thailand
Kiwidiver Kevin Black preparing to dive a Kiss Sidewinder in song Hong cave

Tech Dive Asia

Through his diving career Kevin has been teaching divers of all levels . He has held Instructor or Instructor Trainer ratings with multiple agencies. He has authored & co-authored a number of PADI Distinctive Specialty Courses and helps other Instructors do the same. Kiwidiver Kevin is now primarily focused on teaching Technical and Rebreather courses in Thailand. He owns, actively dives and multiple rebreathers including the JJ-CCR, AP Inspiration, Poseidon Seven & Kiss Sidewinder.

Experience matters and with over 20 years to draw from, Kevin is an excellent choice for your Technical or CCR training. As a consummate dive professional and an accomplished technical and rebreather diver, Kevin will ensure your course is taught to the highest of standards and you will exit the course as a skilled, knowledgeable and extremely competent technical diver.

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