APD Inspiration Rebreather

divers conducting a rebreather course on the APD inspiration
Kevin Black AP Inspiration Instructor

Inspiration Rebreather by AP Diving

Do you want to train on a rebreather most commonly used by professional videographers and serious sport and technical divers around the world?

Do your rebreather training in an exotic tropical location with warm water and great visibility with Thailands leading team experienced rebreather trainers.

The AP Diving Inspiration Rebreather commonly referred to as the “Inspo” has been around since its launch in November 1997. The first model the Inspiration classic is still in use by some divers today was the world’s first affordable production rebreather and was designed for both recreational and technical diving. Since then it has constantly evolved to currently its 9th generation. The AP Inspiration was the first rebreather to ever achieve CE certification.

AP Diving is dedicated to the rebreather market with constant R&D developing a better rebreather experience that focuses around the same tried, tested and proven design that has made the Inspiration one of the worlds most popular rebreathers.

Courses taught on the APD Inspiration include:

One of the reasons we are so keen on the Inspiration is that AP Diving also have an unmatched level of long term support and service. No other manufacturer has supported a discontinued rebreather as long as AP Diving have supported the original Inspiration Classic. The Classic was discontinued in 2005 yet APD provided full support for a further 12 years until 2017. And they still service and upgrade the original classic electronics today.

The AP Inspiration is software upgradeable by the user with plug-n-play hardware and software through all training levels from recreational through to deep technical diving (100m+) advanced Trimix.

All our units are fully upgraded with the newest features and latest software and are factory serviced regularly. Dont waste your time training with someone using old out of date or modified units. New and second hand units are available through us.

two divers on AP Inspiration CCR's about to dive

Kevin Black diving APD Inspiration CCR

Key features of the Inspiration Rebreather include:

  • Patented Dual Oxygen Controllers
  • Dual Power Supplies intelligently linked
  • Patented Fibre-Optic HUD
  • Open Circuit Bailout (OCB) with feed gas from either side
  • Front or Back-mounted Counterlungs
  • Thermoplastic ABS Case for superb impact protection
  • Insulated Scrubber Canister
  • CO2 Monitor available for advanced safety
  • Scrubber Life Monitor with visual display

When choosing the right rebreather and the right rebreather instructor it is an important decision. With Tech Dive Asia that choice is made easy because our team actually own, dive and teach multiple different units in many different diving environments and have years of experience teaching rebreather diving from beginner levels to instructor levels.

This means your Instructor / Instructor Trainer can accurately advise you on all the advantages and disadvantages of each unit and establish which is the right unit for you rather than trying to persuade you towards only one unit.

Two APD Inspiration divers get ready to jump

Courses taught on the APD Inspiration include:

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