Diver with Triton CCR getting back on the boat in Thailand

Introducing the Triton Rebreather:

A Comprehensive Dive into its Benefits

The Triton Rebreather, proudly produced by M3S, a reputable company based in France, is a game-changing innovation in the world of scuba diving. As a Chest-mounted Mechanically Controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather (MCCR), it has received CE ratings for depths of up to 100 meters when used with Trimix, making it the first of its kind to achieve such certification.

What sets the Triton Rebreather apart from other units on the market? Firstly, it boasts a remarkably compact and lightweight design. The unit weighs just 7 kg (15 lbs) when ready to fly (without tank or lime) and 12.5 kg (27 lbs) when ready to dive. It is one of the smallest commercially produced Closed Circuit Rebreathers available on the market today. Traveling with it becomes a breeze due to its portability and ease of handling.

Design Features:

The unit’s engineering also focuses on user-friendliness and flexibility. The connections are made using POM-C or Acetal, an extremely strong and durable engineered plastic. They are color-coded and work with a click-lock system, virtually eliminating the possibility of incorrect connections. This ensures a seamless diving experience and enhances safety.

The Triton Rebreather comprises a Kevlar bag containing the 2 breathing lungs, a 2.1 kg scrubber canister. It has a removable chamber with 3 Oxygen cells connected to the Monox (oxygen monitor) and HUD. Additionally, it allows divers to integrate either a Hardwired Shearwater Petrel3 or a NERD as per their preference.

A front view of the Triton rebreather ready to dive

They offer a range of colors of the Kevlar bags -and now even a special edition with dark breathing hoses. The hose connections are ingeniously designed with a clip system, ensuring foolproof assembly.

The breathing hoses are made of blue transparent silicone with an antibacterial treatment. You can choose between a 1,5L Alu or a 2,5L steel oxygen cylinder which is conveniently fixed under the Kevlar bag.

Instructor Claus preparing to dive the Triton CCR at Song Hong Lake
two triton divers with diferent configerations showing the versatility of the unit


One of the Triton Rebreather’s remarkable features is its versatility in configuration options. Divers can combine it with various setups, such as single tank backmount, twinset, or sidemount configuration. The Triton can also be used as either the primary or bail-out CCR when combined with another Closed Circuit Rebreather.

The adaptability and size of the Triton make it an excellent choice for diverse types of dives. Whether you’re exploring restricted areas in caves or wrecks, where larger units may struggle, or venturing into extreme depths, the Triton stands as a natural choice for divers seeking exploration beyond the ordinary.

Certification Options:

A crossover certification for the Triton Rebreather is accessible for existing CCR divers. The 3-day crossover program covers unit familiarization, confined water workshops, and open water dives, with a focus on mastering the unique skills and drills associated with this rebreather.

The standard 5 day course is also available through Tech Dive Asia under multiple training agencies

Claus diving a Triton CCR in the cave
Triton CCR underwater

Safety and reliability are paramount, and the Triton Rebreather has received CE certification according to the EN14143:2013 standard. It allows divers to confidently explore depths of up to 100 meters.

With the Triton, your underwater adventures can take you to new depths and previously inaccessible places. Caves and wrecks are where the Triton’s small size and versatility shine.

For both regular and occasional divers, the Triton Rebreather offers a new way to experience the underwater world. By consuming less gas and optimizing decompression, this rebreather allows for longer, quieter dives, free from the noise and disruption caused by traditional scuba equipment.

The Triton Rebreather is a groundbreaking innovation, challenging the norms of traditional rebreathers with its compact, lightweight, and chest-mounted design. With its exceptional adaptability, impressive CE ratings, and enhanced diving experience, the Triton opens up a whole new realm of underwater exploration for divers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned tech diver or an adventurous recreational diver, the Triton Rebreather is poised to redefine your underwater journeys and revolutionize the way you discover the magnificent underwater world.

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