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The Tech Dive Asia Team have the largest collection of rebreathers in Thailand with Instructors or Instructor trainers on most common units in use today. Between us we have amassed thousands of hours diving and rebreather training on different units in all environments from recreational through to technical cave exploration. Whether you are new to Rebreather Diving or already qualified wanting to extend your experience or qualifications Tech Dive Asia can custom design a training program to help you achieve your goals. Talk to us now.

Why Thailand?

Sunshine, warm water and great underwater visibility make a far easier training environment for your rebreather course than trying to focus on mastering new skills or equipment in a cold low visibility environment. Thailand offers great culture, fantastic food and lots of adventure opportunities when you are not diving all at a very affordable price.

Rebreather diver diving in a wreck on an AP Inspiration

AP Inspiration

Latest generation Vision Electronics with the latest software keeps this unit on the leading edge of rebreather technology. Known for its robust “British Made” performance in the harshest of environments. With three different models to suit your size and dive requirements, the Inspiration XPD, Inspiration EVP and the Inspiration EVO. This is a good choice in unit for rebreather training from beginner through to advanced levels.

Since its foundation in 1969. AP Diving have been renown for producing high quality diving equipment built for divers by divers. Everything AP make is conceived, tested and assembled in their factory and research centre in the UK. From long tropical dives to deep wrecks or even the deeper caves in Thailand Inspiration’s are often found not just on rebreather courses but also expeditions to discover new areas.

Diver on JJ-CCR


The JJ-CCR from Denmark is known as the 4×4 of rebreathers. It is a heavy duty go anywhere rebreather with very simple design. It is virtually indestructible. Simple to assemble, operate and maintain, it makes a great platform for remote locations and projects. Rebreather courses are available from factory approved Instructors.

group of divers with Poseidon rebreathers

Poseidon Seven

The Poseidon rebreather comes in three forms. First the MK6 which was launched as the worlds first truly recreational rebreather, followed by the Poseidon Se7en with upgraded electronics and support for Poseidons M28 computer and now we have the extended features of the Poseidon Seven Plus with support for the Solid State oxygen sensors. If you are new to rebreather diving this is a great choice for your beginner rebreather courses. Low cost second hand units are readily available making the Poseidon one of the rebreathers with the lowest cost of entry with easy upgradeability to all the features of a new unit.

Rebreather diver with Kiss Sidewinder

Kiss Sidewinder

For avid sidemount divers the Kiss Sidewinder with its split scrubber canisters is one of the best choices. With a low profile that leaves you feeling like you are not even wearing a CCR it is great for crawling into small spaces in caves or wrecks. Very simple in design with no electronics it is mechanically driven and very lightweight for travel and rebreather training.

As one of the newer units around it is constantly evolving and is rapidly becoming very popular amongst divers that like to dive in confined spaces.

Mares Horizon CCR diver

Mares Horizon

Semi Closed unit – Details coming soon

Triton CCR divers in Thailand


The Triton Rebreather is a game-changing innovation in the world of rebreather diving. As a Chest-mounted Mechanically Controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather (MCCR), it has received CE ratings for depths of up to 100 meters when used with Trimix, making it the first of its kind to achieve such certification.

Megladon CCR Diver in Thailand


– Details coming soon

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