Rebreather Course

Instructor Kevin Black teaching a rebreather course

Rebreather Courses

Although all rebreathers are all similar in principle they all operate in different ways. Therefore your rebreather course is unit specific. Often there are crossover courses making it easy to switch from one unit to another but sometimes this is not possible depending on the unit configuration.

When choosing a rebreather and a Rebreather Instructor it good practice to look for someone who regularly dives and teaches different units. A one unit instructor will always tell you their unit is the best and wont have the experience to help you make an informed decision on what unit to choose for the type of diving you want to do.

Please keep in mind that between the team at Tech Dive Asia we teach many units and many agencies and a lot of the information never makes it onto the website. The fastest and easiest way is to have a chat to one of our experienced rebreather trainers. They will help you decide what is the right path, unit and training agency to help you achieve your goals.

Rebreathers we actively dive

JJ-CCR back View
AP Inspiration Rebreather back view
AP Inspiration
Back view of the Poseidon Seven rebreather
Poseidon MK6 & Seven
Triton Rebreather
Back view of the Meg Rebreather
Mares Horizon rebreather back view
Mares Horizon
Kiss Sidewinder front view
Kiss Sidewinder

Rebreather Course We Teach

CCR Diver

Air Diluent
40m No Deco

40 meters

Air Diluent Deco 40m
Helitrox 45m

60 meters

60m normoxic Trimix

100 meters

100m Trimix

two rebreather divers shaking hands underwater

CCR Diver Course

This entry level course consists of five days of training. It Includes one day in the classroom, one day in the pool and three days boat diving. All equipment including the rebreather is supplied. The qualification allows you to rent or purchase your own rebreather. The training prepares you for recreational rebreather diving where you have direct access to the surface. Maximum 30 or 40m depth. No decompression.


three AP Inspiration divers on the boat getting ready to do their 40m rebreather course

40m Rebreather Course

Ready for something a little bit more technical then this is where it all starts. If you are already an accomplished technical diver you can enter your rebreather training at this level with some agencies and on some units. Have a chat with one of our instructors to see what is right for you.

The 40 meter rebreather course is called different things under different training agencies. It includes training to 40m. Decompression theory to enable decompression dives.

Some agencies have a Helitrox upgrade to include entry level trimix dives to 45m

Contact us on Whats App or email to have a chat about achieving your dive training goals.

Rebreather Instructor Trainer Kevin Black diving a Kiss Sidewinder in Thailand

60m Rebreather Course

Diving beyond 40m on a rebreather requires Trimix and the training to use it safety. Decompression requirements become longer and bail out planning becomes more advanced. This course builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired in the previous rebreather courses

Handling emergencies while deep diving on a rebreather requires specialized training. You will learn how to respond to various potential malfunctions and emergencies, with a strong emphasis on problem-solving and maintaining calm under pressure

Upon successful completion of the course, divers will be qualified to dive up to 60 meters on the rebreather unit they qualified on. However, it is essential to continue practicing and gaining experience to ensure confidence and proficiency in deep rebreather diving.

Rebreather diver with bailout rebreather diving deep in the cave

100m Rebreather course

The MOD 3 – 100m rebreather course is an advanced technical diving program designed for experienced rebreather divers who wish to explore even greater depths and push the boundaries of their diving capabilities. This course is for divers seeking to dive to a maximum depth of 100 meters (328 feet) using a rebreather unit that they are very familiar with.

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