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Tech Dive Asia is a team of independent Technical and Rebreather Divers, Instructors and Instructor Trainers based in Thailand who collaborate together on various diving projects, research and exploration.

So if you are wanting to become the best Rebreather Diver, Technical Diver, or Cave Diver that you can then this is the team that can help you get there and help you achieve your target. So get in touch now.

Instructor Trainer Claus

Claus Rasmussen

Instructor Trainer

Claus's email address
Instructor Trainer Henrik

Henrik Rudolf

Instructor Trainer

Henrik's email
Instructor Trainer Kevin Black

Kevin Black

Instructor Trainer

Kevin's email address
Dive guide Erik_Ingmar_Bosten-Stenman
Erik (The Viking)

Tech Instructor & CCR Guide

Vincent Moy Dive Instructor
Vincent Moy

Tech & CCR Instructor

Diving Instructor Vsevolod Korobov
Vsevolod Korobov (Seva)

Tech Instructor & CCR Guide

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Four Technical divers preparing to dive

Tech Diving

OC back & SM diver training

Two divers on the AP inspiration rebreather

CCR Diving

CCR / SCR diver training

Henrik and Simon in spyder cave

Cave Diving

Cave diver training

But there’s more.

Other services we offer….

two diver inside a wreck

Guided diving

Wrecks, caves & deep reefs

Cave diver running new line


Wrecks and caves

Technical Diving Liveaboard in Phuket


Technical liveaboard trips

Diving Insurance

Personal Diving Insurance in Thailand is a must. While dive operators and businesses such as ourselves do have insurance it will only cover the basic life support.

Our insurance does not cover the decompression chamber or emergency evacuation by speed boat or helicopter. It also does not cover search and rescue. A stay in a international hospital or treatment by the dive chamber could very quickly become expensive.

FREE QUOTE Dive Assure Dive & Travel Insurance

All Tech Dive Asia customers need to supply dive insurance details prior to diving or starting a course

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