Poseidon Rebreather

Instructor Claus preparing to dive a Poseidon Seven

Poseidon Rebreather

One of the easiest rebreathers to learn to dive on. The Poseidon rebreather is available in three models. The original Poseidon MK6 Discovery, which was marketed as the worlds first recreational rebreather, The Poseidon Se7en with new electronics that supported the Poseidon M28 dive computer and rebreather controller. And the the latest model the Poseidon Seven + which also supports the Poseidon Solid State Sensor.

The Poseidon rebreather is a little different to most other rebreathers with many electronic features not found on most rebreathers. It is also a very light unit which makes it ideal for traveling. It is beginner friendly and one of the easiest rebreathers to learn to dive on. Once you have learnt to dive on this unit it is very easy to transfer those skills on to any other unit. It’s a fully ­closed, fully ­automated unit that will make you see diving in a different light.

Courses taught on the Poseidon include:

Recreational rebreathers like the Poseidon is so simple and safe to operate that they can be used for entry-level rebreather diver training, right out of the box. When you are ready to further your rebreather diving the Poseidon can be upgraded to a technical rebreather with the addition of technical counter lungs and technical battery.

Poseidon Rebreather’s Extreme compactness at only 15 kg ”ready to dive” and 8 kg “travel weight” make the unit one of the world’s smallest rebreathers. You can take it as carry-on baggage when flying.

Poseidon had the first sensor auto-calibrating and autovalidating technology to verify that the oxygen sensors are working properly at all times – both before and during a dive.

Poseidon rebreather diver in Thailand

Rebreather course in Thailand

The electronics on the Poseidon contains five separate warning and advisory systems so that you get the information you need to manage your dive without the task-loading normally associated with rebreathers. The main Poseidon data interface is a large format flat screen panel that displays all you need to know about consumables management – cylinder pressures, dive time, depth, oxygen level, and it incorporates a sophisticated resource algorithm that monitors all systems for you and tells you when its time to head up.

If things are not going correctly for whatever reason, the Poseidon has audible, tactile, and visual warning systems to get your attention, and to advise your diving partner of your status.

The Poseidon rebreather has a removable rechargeable intelligent battery and data storage system.
The Poseidon Bail Out Valve (BOV) Switchable Mouthpiece is lightweight and easy to breathe and comes as standard. This gives you the ability to switch from closed-circuit to open-circuit operation in one easy motion, without the need to search for a spare mouthpiece in an emergency. The mouthpiece also combines in the same housing a pressure balanced“ Automatic Diluent Addition Valve” (ADV) that compensates for breathing volume in closed-circuit mode, so that you will never run short of a full breath during a dive.

For regular daily maintenance of the Poseidon it allows the entire rebreather to break down rapidly for washing, drying, and storage. No tools needed. New software releases can be downloaded and installed over the internet

student on rebreather course in Thailand

Rebreather Diver during training in Thailand

While you can use either the Mk6 or the Se7en to complete entry level rebreather training and for recreational diving to 40m but for the technical courses the Poseidon Se7en or Seven+ is recommended. Based on the proven Mk6 CCR platform the unit looks much the same without the cover on it. However there are many improvements that are hidden inside the unit. Upgraded electronics on the Se7en provide more processing power with new access via Bluetooth allow access to things like dive logs or software upgrades at a fraction of the time it used to take with the Mk6.

M28 Computer

The Poseidon M28 dive computer enhances the functionality of the SE7EN in many ways as a full rebreather controller allowing the diver to give input during the dive. It can replace the paddle that can only give information to the diver and has no diver input feature.

M28 Features:
● 2.8” TFT LCD Colour Display
● Dive-by-Wire™ integration with Poseidon Pod Systems, HUD, HP and other sensors
● Dual decompression algorithm (DCAP and Bühlmann ZHL16C with gradient factors)
● Real-time GPS surface positioning
● Depth rated to maximum 200m / 656ft
● Firmware upgradable

Poseidon M28 CCR computer

Poseidon Solid State oxygen sensor

The number one rule of rebreather diving is always know your PPO2 (partial pressure of oxygen. This is the primary way we know if what we are breathing is safe to breathe. This measurement is obtained by a galvanic oxygen sensor and accuracy is so important most rebreathers have three or more sensors. These sensors are a consumable item and with time become inaccurate and so they need to be changed every 12-18 months.

In 2016 Poseidon announced its patented state-of-the-art solid state oxygen sensor with claims of delivering unsurpassed operating life, shelf life and calibration stability. The Solid State Sensor is an oxygen sensor that’s based on unique luminescent dyes, which are excited with red light and show an oxygen-dependent luminescence in the range of near infrared light (NIR).

Benefits include:

  • Absolute oxygen measurement
  • Factory calibrated
  • Fast and accurate
  • Low power consumption
  • Electronics hermetically sealed from the sensing environment
rebreather diver admiring colourful coral
Poseidon Rebreather course in Thailand with CCR Instructor Trainer Kevin Black
PADI Rebreather Course in Thailand

Thailand is the perfect place to do your Poseidon Rebreather course. With warm water and great visibility you not only learn to dive your rebreather you get to dive some of the best dive sites in Thailand. Our experienced rebreather Instructors and Instructor Trainers have conducted hundreds of courses on the Poseidon units.

We have a Poseidon Rebreather Service Technician on staff and we cary a range of spare parts and accessories. We also have second hand units and rental units available. We have plenty of tanks and scrubber available and provide full rebreather support for most rebreathers.

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